We've Launched Our New Website

We have unveiled our new website! (Yes, took us long enough)

Why the change?
We felt that a cup of piping hot coffee wasn’t gonna represent us. (Seriously, who drinks only one cup of coffee especially when you’re in this industry?) It was a roller coaster ride for all of us here at The Angsty Studio for the past 1 year but we believe it’s time for us to move into a different direction; to be the divergent from the rest of the agencies in Singapore in Creativity. We are much more bolder to break the rules and defy the norm.

So what’s new?
From generating informations to users at 2 Min (Based from our Google Analytics Data), we decided to change how our users should be spending their time on our website and how should they be navigating and digesting information.

We realised that our old parallax website did not give our users much more information and curiosity to navigate around the website hence we decide to switch over to multi-page website where we can now share with users what we have been up to lately.

Also, we solemnly sumpa that we will generate new blog articles at a weekly basis about design, social media and many more. Do sign up for our newsletter, Club 38 to be updated with our latest tips and news!

Lastly, new addition to our website is the career page. We are always looking forward to new angsty people joining the fam and grow with us (ahem, horizontally).

What are we still working on it?
Video is an essential for any business. Hence, we’re currently working on our showreels for both portfolio and recruitment for people who wish to take the leap of faith with us.

We are currently working on a web series which we will not reveal at the moment, stay tuned for that. LinkedIn has some much potential for B2B and it’s sad not many businesses see that. We are going strong on LinkedIn in 2018 but that does not mean we will forsake Facebook and Instagram! We will also be running events and/or workshops on Social Media, Software skills and many more! So stay tuned! (Our clients get to attend this workshop for free)

Thus far,
We’re extremely grateful for our clients that have stood with us from the start and have had so much patience with us. Despite we feeling angsty working on your account, we still love you all from the bottom our hearts!

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