Our Top 3 Favourite Cannes Lion Works

It’s less than a month to the end of 2018 as we look back and learn from the works submitted to this year’s Cannes Lions. Here are our 3 favourite ads that defied the norm:

Most sanitary pad ads in Singapore only go as far as featuring how absorbent sanitary pads are or how happy a lady is when she uses them.


Where’s all the fun storytelling that express more than just a happy lady wearing a sibei absorbent sanitary pad?

Our winning sanitary pad ad here went straight to the point about the truth of periods – from being the target of bullying and the reluctance to be active while on periods, to the menstruation cramps and nasty period blood.

But of course, an ad like this will likely be flung into oblivion in Singapore.


From the selling of family products comes a story of Motherhood. This ad has indeed touched many of our hearts – unless you’re cold-blooded and has no empathy. JK!

The closest ad that we’ve seen to this is the BoBo fishball web video series – which is equally touching and heartwarming.

The Fading Font 

Who knew a font could help front an awareness campaign?

A group of people in China devised this idea of using Chinese written characters to depict how Alzheimer’s disease robs us of our most precious possession – memories.

In less than 24hrs, the ad garnered a lot of attention on social media. With numerous people and brands participating in this campaign, it successfully raised awareness about Alzheimer’s disease and its symptoms.

We would love to list down all of our favorites, but if we were to do so, it’ll end up longer than Santa’s X’mas list.

Every entry was an eye-opening, learning experience for us. So here are our 3 favourites. What’re yours?